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It all started with a div...

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It all began with a Figma design, A canvas filled with colors and lines divine. A vision of beauty, a website to create, A task for a web developer to undertake. The first step is to analyze the design, Break it down, element by element, line by line. Colors, fonts, sizes, and spacing to find, And translate them into code, oh so divine.
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Next comes the layout, the backbone of the site, Flexbox and Grid to make it look just right. Responsive and accessible, for all to see, A layout that's perfect, for you and me. Now it's time to write the HTML, Structure and semantics, for all to see. Divs and classes, and other elements too, To create a website that's beautiful and new.
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With the HTML in place, it's time to style, Colors and fonts, and sizes to compile. CSS selectors, to target each element right, A website that's stylish, with beauty and might. Finally, it's time to test and refine, On different devices, to see it shine. Adjustments made, to make it just right, A website that's perfect, a true delight.
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In conclusion, turning a Figma design into code, Requires analysis, planning, and a perfect mode. A process that's beautiful, creative and new, A website that's perfect, for me and for you